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Top Cheftestant Andrea Curto-Randazzo Talks Back

Short Order has a link to a You Tube retort by Top Chef contestant Andrea Curto-Randazzo, who has a few words for Padma: "I'm going to call out Padma because she didn't get the Miami in my dish. Perhaps I should have made blackened mahi with mango salsa." Seems that this is just the first of the Talula chef's Top Chef commentary, which is great (?), because unlike Bravo's anointed Real Housewives, the Top Chef toques don't get to blog about their experiences the day after the episode, and frankly we're shocked that this sort of activity isn't forbidden in the iron clad, sign-your-life away-to-Bravo contracts. For now. Enjoy it, we guess, while it (or she) lasts. [SO]