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World Cup Dealfeeds: Game Over

ball.jpegSince everyone's jumping on the football bandwagon with matches and food and bevvies to, uh, match, we are declaring the end of our short lived World Cup dealfeeds with this final round up. Unless someone's giving away free meals and drinks, consider every place in Miami with a TV, kitchen and bar World Cup HQ. And with that, the deals: Mia at Biscayne will open as early as 7:30 a.m. and will serve snacks, tapas and breakfast items from $5 to $18. And don't forget the 13 plasma screen TVs; 72nd Bar + Grill will show 2:30 matches and offer half priced beer hailing from the countries playing; and SRA. Martinez is featuring a Samuel Adams-sponsored World Cup event, Haute Hat Trick, featuring big screen TVs, beer, cocktails (a Breakfast Martini, to name one of many), breakfast and bar fare (steak and eggs, fish 'n' chips, Kosher hot dogs and fries) off a still developing menu created just for the games. The restaurant will open at 9:30 a.m. on game days. Until then, unless it's all free, it's game over. [EaterWire]