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Mad Men Mondays at Mayfair Hotel

Theme nights and menus aren't all creepy, animatronic and Disneyfied. Just look at Shake Shack's Le-BRAT James and now, Mad Men Mondays at the Mayfair Hotel's lobby bar, where a time warp and total reverence to cable's most retro-fab hit will offer a "true 60s happy hour: drinks, music, atmosphere & drama, plus a little networking, Mad Men style." Add to that your classic 60s drinks ("twice the size of 60s originals!"---ed. note: though, isn't everything these days twice the size of 60s originals?) at $3.50 a pop and a Mad Dinner--a 3-course $21 prix fixe plus tax and tip (house or Caesar salad; choice of classic burger, filet mignon with au jus, grilled salmon in yellow pepper vinaigrette or herb roasted chicken; and caramel cheesecake or Key Lime Pie) and you've got a total theme night. Cigarettes not included. [EaterWire]

Mayfair Hotel & Spa

3000 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove FL