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fredo.jpegAccording to the Village Voice, an auto and tire shop in New York's Bowery is the proposed site for the city's very first Segafredo, which the Voice describes as a "Miami Flavored Theme Park." But not so fast. Before it resembles anything remotely Miami, it needs to feature a full bar, which Eater New York reports isn't quite a reality just yet as the full liquor license proposal "met huge opposition the board and the neighbors in and around Great Jones St., and was ultimately denied." It's happened before. See: 1997 when Ingrid Casares made a futile attempt to open a branch of her then wildly popular club Liquid in Gotham. As a result, rumor has it that NYC's very first 'fredo will be beer and wine only and that, we're afraid, is far from a Miami Flavored Theme Park. Epcot, maybe, but Miami? Not so much. [VV, EN]