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Racks: Show Stealing Views and Pizza

Lee Klein muses on why he lives in Miami and not Topeka when he reviews Racks Italian Kitchen, "a suave, modern take on a neighborhood trattoria." Spider-Man on the flat screens aside ("I don't understand: Have psychological studies shown a greater appetite for Italian cuisine while images of superheroes flash above one's head?"), it's the pizza that "surely steals the show." Klein also "loved the Sunday-supper-style-rigatoni," and noted that "not since DeVito opened have we witnessed a restaurant sprinkling grated cheese on so many dishes; read: too many." Veal scaloppine wasn't so hot, with a "rich, creamy mushroom sauce flooded over the accoutrements," but the special whole snapper was "much better." Waitresses are "more well intentioned than well trained," but "that said, the staff is a spirited bunch that otherwise performed decently enough for an informal place such as this one." Bottom line? "I seriously like Racks as a waterfront option for cocktails and casual fare." [MNT]