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Chew Through This

big-pictures_t_courtney-love-beret-new-york-01090903.jpgCourtney Love may be many things, but a closet foodie? Not so closet anymore after Love, in tow with her band Hole, arrived at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink last night for a little late night face stuffing. Love was overheard saying she specifically wanted to try Hedy Goldsmith's famous popcorn ice cream. A far cry from her appeitite of previous years, that's for sure. Love, who blames her latest monster weight loss on Gwyneth Paltrow's macrobiotic chef, chowed on duck rillette, BLT salad and oysters and was overheard explaining much of the food to her bandmates. Says our source, "You can tell she is a total a foodie." Not exactly an adjective we'd previously use to describe her, but, ok. What's next, a cameo with Anthony Bourdain on No Reservations? Hmmmm. [Miami Herald]