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Full Plates

schwartz.jpegAs if he isn't busy enough, between two restaurants, an upcoming cookbook and an overall reputation as Miami's culinary Grand Poobah, Michael Schwartz has just signed on as chef ambassador for Blue Star Foods, an eco friendly So Flo-based company that processes and distributes crab meat throughout the US and Europe. Products are sold at Costco, Walmart and assorted supermarkets. Among the recipes Schwartz has created for the company: crab and lychee summer rolls, crab cake with orange butter sauce, garlic chile crab dip and crab and Calabaza soup with toasted pumpkin seeds. “Anyone who knows me and is familiar with my restaurants, is aware that I am very particular about the products I use. Sharing common values with my producers is essential. Blue Star not only produces fresh, high quality crab meat; the company’s core values are based on eco-friendly tenets. I love the product and it’s been a lot of fun developing the recipes -- they’re fairly easy to recreate -- and delicious, if I do say so myself,” Schwartz says. [EaterWire]