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Michael Schwartz Not Opening Midtown BBQ Joint

It was the line read 'round the county: "'I like the vibe,' said Michael Schwartz, who hopes to open a barbecue restaurant at Midtown." Yep, that little line, written in the Miami Herald's front page ode to Midtown Miami yesterday created quite the buzz amongst the food obsessed--the ones kind of responsible for making Midtown a bit more than your average urban strip mall. We contacted Schwartz's reps, who tell us, however, not to get too excited. "In addition to his flagship Miami restaurant, Michael is focused on the recently-opened Grand Cayman location, looking forward to the February 2011 publication of his first cookbook, and working on some upcoming projects as well. The proposed Midtown barbecue concept is not among them." In fact, our dining deep throat tells us that although it may have been tossed out there at one point as legit, it's not happening at all anymore. Stay tuned. [EaterWire]