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A Few Words From Myles Chefetz On Nemo's Nip/Tuck

South of Fifth restaurant emperor Myles Chefetz has given Eater a veiled statement on the fate of his now-closed Nemo, a restaurant that opened way before South of Fifth was known as anything but a place you'd only go to for Joe's Stone Crab or, perhaps, a skank fest or bong hit at South Pointe Park. "After 16 years as a Miami Beach staple, we've closed Nemo for a renovation. We look forward to opening this fall with a new concept," Chefetz tells us. So what's the news there? Read deep. A new concept. Though Chefetz is definitely being cagey on that concept, our moles tell us it could emerge as something like, say, Prime Seafood, which makes sense and would complete a triple threat in the neighborhood along with Prime 112 and Prime Italian---just like Bosh, Wade and James---some of Chefetz's most prime customers. [EaterWire]

Prime 112

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