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72nd Bar + Grill Best for Burgers & Beer; H Restaurant Not Haute, But Homey

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Lee Klein checks out 72nd Bar + Grill, which "doesn't reinvent the idea of a bar and grill," but "folks seem to like it and regularly crowd the 70-seater." Klein credits some of the appeal to the "warm, stylishly industrial decor," and a menu that "trots out more crowd pleasers than the Moulin Rouge." What 72nd does best is "fat, beefy burgers piled high with signature accompaniments and plunked nto fresh, shiny brioche buns." Grilled yellowfin also "tasted fantastic with kim chee coleslaw and sweet Asian glaze." Fries--sweet potato or regular--are "served crisply fried and bundled high upon the plate." Grilled items and main courses are aplenty, but the NY cheese pizza had a "metallic after taste." Pastas "have one too many ingredients per dish." As for service, there were "missteps by the friendly servers, who are merely victims of poor training." Bottom line: "Go to 72nd Bar & Grill with friends; order burgers, sandwiches, salads, and fries; quaff a few beers and you're likely to have a fine time. I wouldn't suggest paying much attention to the rest of the menu until the chef and kitchen staff do." [MNT]

"I often pine for the friendly little French bistro in my old Manhattan neighborhood, where the owners remembered my name and would pour me a glass of simple cotes du rhone before I even sat down," uh, pines Victoria Pesce Elliott who, eureka, gets "the same feeling at the quaint and quirky H Restaurant in Sunny Isles Beach." Though the restaurant is "an odd duck," VPE has that cozy vibe of her Gotham haunt where "the food was good but not the best in the city. Not even the best on the block. But I went back time and again because they always treated me like family." The only waiter there "is kind, confident and casual" Ingredients "are not pedigreed, the cooking techniques are more rustic than refined and the setting more garage-sale than gorgeous." Plus prices that are "quite high for the strip mall neighborhood" but just "slightly lower than the much more polished Timo a few doors away." And about that food. She liked "hot and fantastically garlicky escargot," "gorgeously crusty French onion soup," "perfectly smooth and rich-as-Rome polenta," and several more things. She didn't love "a rather pasty, grainy Alfredo sauce on overcooked fettucine," or "fine, but not exceptional, desserts," but But VPE doesn't care and "will return again and again" for the "rare and authentic hospitality." Bottom line: 2.5 stars. []

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