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Caffe Da Vinci: Italian Fare with Molecular Influences

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After a three-month renovation, Bay Harbour Islands Italian resto Caffe Da Vinci will reopen in October with a new late-night lounge and a menu offering "contemporary Italian cuisine with influences of molecular gastronomy." A press release says that executive chef Jose Cadavid is busy playing mad culinary scientist, perfecting dishes including Melanzane alla Parmesan--eggplant parm with spumante tomato and strawberry caviar; Alla Venedetti Filet Mignon with dried figs, apricot and raisins ina port wine sauce with blackberry caviar; and Pheasant alla Salsa di Vanilla e Whiskey made with a vanilla whiskey sauce and topped with amaretto and almonds. Not your neighborhood red sauce joint that's for sure. [EaterWire]

Caffe Da Vinci

1009 96th Street, Miami FL