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What To Do When You're Expecting a Food Truck

Now that Dim Ssäm à Gogo is up and running, Richard Hales and his hindsight are, of course, 20/20. "Since I have started this public build I have received so many questions both in email and in person," says Hales. "I am not a mobile truck expert but I am a quick learner so I’ll share some of those questions here and my experience during this process."

What type of license do you need? You will need all the licensing, plans and inspections of a normal restaurant plus a mobile catering license. I ended up using an expeditor to organize my application and feel they are worth their weight in gold.

How much does it cost? It can probably cost as little as $5,000 for a cart and up to $70,000 for a used truck depending on the type of vehicle, build-out, age of truck, equipment, etc. Dim Ssäm à gogo was at the high part of that range.

How hard is it to find a parking space? It is just as hard as finding a great location for a restaurant. Although, I have been approached by more than a few people offering locations to park the truck.

How long does it take to build the truck? My truck took 3 weeks but we rushed it. I hear most trucks take at least 6 weeks once the truck is received at the builder.

Who builds the trucks? I used Food Cart USA to build the truck, Signs and Strips to wrap the exterior and Adam Forman at LA Ink to design the artwork. I recommend them highly.

What is the best truck and how old can it be? I was told that do not get anything older than 2003 without expecting mechanical problems. I was told that the Workhorse brand seems to hold up the best.

How big is the truck? My truck is 25’ long with an interior kitchen space of 18’. The other trucks I looked at had 14’ or 16’ kitchen spaces.

How many people does it take to work it? I am working myself plus two cooks.

How much is the insurance? Around $2,500 per year

Where do you go to the bathroom? You don’t because you sweat so much. No joke.

How much money do you make? Who knows?

Is it fun? May depend on the above question.

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