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Follow Eater on Foursquare and Enjoy Endless Secret Intel

While folks at Gizmodo and The Awl consider whether or not the oversharing aspect of location sharing on Foursquare is ruining the experience of dining out, there is another facet that is undeniably good for the dining world: Tips! One of the benefits of checking in to a restaurant is seeing the comments and recommended dishes left by previous diners and the tips that friends in your own network leave about venues nearby.

This is where Eater comes in. Follow Eater on Foursquare and access all kinds of tips and intel we leave on restaurants and bars around town. What to order, where to go, what to skip. It's all there, just a check-in away. Click through to our Eater Foursquare page, hit the orange Follow Eater button in the upper-right-ish part of the screen, and (assuming you're a Foursquare user) you're good to go. And remember, you can add to your Foursquare to-do list directly from Eater's place pages, too.

Eater on Foursquare
Introducing Place Pages, Discussions, and Add to Foursquare