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Wynwood Kitchen & Bar Edgy, Not Edible; Miami Food Trucks No Fickle Fad

First the good news: Victoria Pesce Elliott calls Wynwood Kitchen & Bar "one of the edgiest and most stunning additions to the Miami." Now the not so good: "Unfortunately, when it comes to the food, I just don't see it. My meals ranged from mediocre to barely edible." Yikes. VPE goes on to say that chef Marco Ferraro "can't seem to focus his talents." As for the menu, it's a "disparate collection of salads, burgers, skewers, omelets, sausages, clay pots and lots of fried bar food. " Oh, and the menu "could use a good wipe-down" too. But wait! She likes the bar, " a perfect fit for the crowd that flocks here, especially on weekends for the club-like vibe." Bottom line? Half a star. []

This week, Lee Klein fills up on food truck fare at the "carnival-like" Biscayne Triangle Roundup, where he samples fare from Dim Ssäm a go go and gastroPod, "the top truck stars as far as serious culinarians are concerned," The Fish Box, Jefe's Original Fish Taco & Burger, and Latin Burger and Taco whose double patty macho "is peerless." Klein also gets in touch with his cheesy side at Ms. Cheezious and CheeseMe, whose owners, he writes, "forget they are selling sandwiches from a truck. How else do you explain a charge of $9 for a tuna melt with provolone cheese or $11.50 for a pulled pork, slaw, and cheddar sandwich?" As a result, he passes on the sandwich because "I didn't want them to Fleece Me." MexZican Gourmet Food Truck makes up for its "dry" taco with a taco of brisket, chorizo, and chicharron. There's lots more, but we've run out of gas. Bottom line: "Hard to say how long these food truck congregations will last, but the trucks themselves will surely show more staying power than Hula-Hoops or Tickle Me Elmo." [MNT]