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Philadelphia Import Zama Sushi Bar Opening Late Jan.

Under construction in the under construction Shelborne Hotel: Zama Sushi Bar, one of three new restaurants opening in the nipped and tucked South Beach hotel. A Philly import for a change, Zama will be located in the hotel's new main lobby, accessible via sleek glass entrance on 18th Street, making it convenient for tanorexics to pick up a Beach Bento Box to go without forgoing precious sunning time.

Zama-ChefZama_4513FINAL%20528x400.jpgSushi chef Hiroyuki "Zama" Tanaka has a colorful resume, including a stint slinging pizza and burgers on an American army base overseas and one pushing the sushi cart, blowtorch in hand, at a suburban Philly restaurant. Most recently Zama opened his namesake restaurant in Philly, about which the Philadelphia Inquirer said, "The quality of the fish and its preparation is simply pristine, especially in the ever-changing market specials." Opening is expected at the end of the month. [EaterWire]

Zama Sushi Bar

1801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach , FL

Zama Sushi Bar

Shelborne Hotel, 1801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach FL