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Backlot Wine Bar & Lounge Premieres 1/14

Status: Opening January 14, Backlot Wine Bar & Lounge at the Paragon Grove 13 will feature international wines, beers and small plates including cheese boards, flatbreads and desserts. Oh, and a sponsor, too. Housed within the lounge is the Prestige Audi Private Screening Room featuring a 25’ jumbo screen showing a variety of free public events and live TV broadcasts such as Miami Heat games, Super Bowl and The Academy Awards. Best of all, you don't have to commit to a flick to go here. It's open to both the movie going and non movie going public. Click here for the full food menu.[EaterWire]
Backlot Wine Bar & Lounge Website

Backlot Wine Bar & Lounge

Paragon Grove 13, 3015 Grand Ave. Coconut Grove FL