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2.5 Stars for Malanga Cafe; Klein Digs Chow Down SoBe, Morgans Not So Much

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Jodi Mailander Farrell reviews Pinecrest's Malanga Cafe, where "You don’t have to be Cuban to enjoy this charmer, but you may need to check your Cubanics app to decipher the expressions painted on one wall" and "Malanga may be the name, but the cafe is really all about the pig. Marinated, barbecued, roasted, shredded — you can go whole hog here. Literally." Bottom line: 2.5 stars. []

Lee Klein checks out the sequels to Chow Down Grill and Morgans. About the South Beach Chow Down, he writes "The Surfside Chow Down's strongest virtues are freshness, flavor, and value. This new place offers more of the same, only in a bigger format, at a hipper address, and with later operating hour." As for the other, "Morgans still has a few kinks to iron out before being able to step into Joe Allen's shoes." [MNT]

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