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Chef Philip Ho As Good As It Gets; 3 Stars For Martini 28 Fine Peruvian Fusion & International Cuisine

Lee Klein heeded the calls of food bloggers and checked out new Sunny Isles dim sum destination of Setai alum Chef Philip Ho, saying "If you like Chinese food, this is very good advice indeed." The place is no Setai, says Klein, who writes, "Let's just say that for the time being, nobody will go for the ambiance." Hallelujah, it's all about the food! "What they will flock to, among other things, is some of the best dim sum in town," he writes. "Dim sum aficionados cherish their own favorite selections, and though Ho might not have all the traditional items you desire, the ones trotted out are uniformly impressive." The bottom line is that it's good. Very good: "For neighborhood Chinese fare, Chef Philip Ho is as good as it gets. You might want to work your way over there before all of this adulation goes to Ho's head." [MNT]

Cutting to the chase, Victoria Pesce Elliott doles out 3 stars to Martini 28 Fine Peruvian Fusion & International Cuisine, where "While not every one [of the 100 dishes in rotation] is exceptional, the enthusiastic service and amazingly low prices are." VPE is very impressed by the prices, saying "My tab for a satisfying and delicious three-course lunch ($32 with tax and tip) was less than I’d paid for a single subpar entrée at a South Beach steakhouse." []

Chef Philip Ho

16850 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33160

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