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A Very Sneak Peek at Blue Collar's Menu Right Here!

We got our hands on a working copy of the menu for Blue Collar Restaurant in the space formerly known as American Noodle Bar and spoke with chef/owner Daniel Serfer, the ex Chef Allen's Chef de Cuisine, who just moved back to Miami from NYC.

Among the highlights you can expect: The Dailies, blackboard specials including Ribs "could be baby backs, short ribs, spare ribs, or even prime rib;" Parm, "chicken, veal, pork shrimp--fettuccini, broccolini, red sauce," Braise--brisket, pot roast, ox tails, pork shoulder;" vaca frita topped tostones made with flank steak, orange mojo, and cotija; supreme pizza rolls with sausage, pepperoni,mozzarella, and tomato sauce; Chanukah latkes served year round with homemade apple sauce; "an extensive veggie menu which will include over 20 different veg preps on any given day where the guest can choose 4 as a plate to make the entree;" and for dessert "we are doing butterscotch and Heath Bar bread pudding with spicy whip cream." Serfer hopes to be open by December 15. Stay tuned [EaterWire]

Blue Collar

6730 Biscayne Blvd., Miami FL