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Play On, Players at Chalk Ping Pong & Billiards Lounge

Telephone: 305-532-8662
Status: Opening soon, Chalk is a 6600 square foot "temple to ping pong and billiards," according to its website. For those scratching their heads, Susan Sarandon and her boy toy made ping pong hot in NYC way back when. And old skool South Beach hot spot Brandt's Break had models playing pool. But Chalk has both (the models part yet to be seen) plus board games, tournaments and leagues, too. And, because it's South Beach,a requisite VIP room complete with iPod. A list of "international beers," and a Green build out with "waterless urinals" and emailed receipts. [EaterWire]
Chalk website

Chalk Miami

1234 Washington Ave, ,


1234 Washington Ave., Miami Beach FL