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Props For Pubbelly Sushi

Lee Klein says that Pubbelly Sushi features "tasty, creative food at a good value in a welcoming pub setting." As for the food, "Sassy specialty sushi rolls might not elicit admiration from purists, but most palates will thrill to barbecue pork belly and fried clams rolled with kimchi coleslaw." The fried clams minisandwich wasn't so hot, Klein says, with the clams getting "lost in bulky, gummy coating that stuck together into one unappealing mass," but the Amazon "paiche proved delectable." Overall, he's impressed, saying "So as America diminishes before our very eyes, the Pubbelly empire continues to expand. If politicians could run Washington the way Mendin, Navarro, and Schrein­er operate their restaurants, our nation might be able to dig itself out of this mess."[MNT]