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Patrón and Eater Are Throwing Parties and You're Invited

We’re thrilled to announce that our good friends at Patrón will be sponsoring the Eater Awards in NYC on November 14, where we'll toast the best of the best in the restaurant and nightlife world. Patrón has 2 pairs of FREE tickets to give away. Enter before 12pm on November 10 for your chance to go and Patrón will pick the winners.

And of course Patrón has even more up their sleeve for November. By now you should know the drill. They have yet another tantalizing Secret Dining Society dinner in the works, though we won’t know what the details are until November 8th. Sign up for the Patrón Social Club now, so when they announce the details you’ll be ready to solve the riddle for a chance to win.

There's a lot to look forward to, so enter now. >>