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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes at Chow Down Grill South Beach

Although it's not exactly like when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable glyph, Chow Down Grill South Beach is legally changing its own name to Chow Down Grill & Lounge. This, says a publicist, due to "the fact that it has such a great lounge/bar and an amazing line up of DJs spinning and hosting parties from Sweet n Low Tuesdays, Munch Wednesdays (ladies drink free from 10pm-1am), Take-Out Thursdays and Chow Down Fridays (offering [sic] poo poo platters that change weekly, and dish up some new "never before seen" dumplings, egg rolls, and more)." [EaterWire]

Chow Down Grill & Lounge

920 Alton Road