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Blackbird Ordinary: Not Your Average Drinking Tavern

Telephone: 305-671-3307
Status: Coming soon (as in maybe this week) to the space formerly known as Transit Lounge: Blackbird Ordinary, which is anything but, says our boozy insider. "It's owned by the Purdy [Lounge] guys. They're doing some great cocktails, but expecting volume too. Kinda like Purdy but waaaaaay less dirty. Expect rockstar bartenders as opposed to twinkies and muscle heads with attitude. While the girls are attractive, they'll also know how to make a drink." No plans for food as of yet. [EaterWire]


Blackbird Ordinary

729 Southwest 1st Avenue, , FL 33130 (305) 671-3307

Blackbird Ordinary

729 sw 1st avenue, Miami