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Cinco Cantina & Tequila Bar Best for Beer; 3 Stars for Wok Masters

Lee Klein says that the food at Cinco Cantina & Tequila Bar "is much more American than Mexican." The chef shuffles---"less than eight months in operation and three chefs," Klein writes, don't help, either. "The best entrées we sampled were a hefty chile relleno and juicy carne asada fajitas," and "the guajillo-marinated carne asada fajita boasted as much flavor as all the other foods combined." Enchiladas were "boring after two bites," "chicken tinga tacos didn't exactly tingle the palate either," and service was "wanting." Why go, then? "The cerveza selection is the strongest incentive for coming here." Bottom line: "Cinco Cantina & Tequila Bar really is an ideal spot to gather for Cinco de Mayo. It's the other days of the year I'm not so sure about.' [MNT]

Wok Masters, Victoria Pesce Elliott writes, is "the less attractive stepsister" of one of her "favorite little Chinese-Zuelan eateries in Doral, QianLong, where they do Peking duck better than any other in town." And although "There are still some real kinks to work out," she says that "this spiffy new wok-centric Chinese is a favorite for quick, clean cooking of the sort you rarely find around here." The chefs, who speak "very little English and absolutely no Spanish," turn out "luscious food," though, with a huge list of "what worked" and only fried donuts on the "what didn't work" list. Bottom line: 3 stars. []