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Grove Goes High End With Villa Mayfair Restaurant

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Telephone: 305-774-1500
Status: Chef Frederic Joulin worked with Guy Savoy for over 20 years and was once Jacques Chirac's personal chef, and is now at the helm of the new Villa Mayfair Restaurant & Lounge, where he will attempt to lure the 1% to dinner in the Grove. “Villa Mayfair is a restaurant and lounge that should excel in three cornerstones of the industry: food, service and design. . . a hospitality destination that shall make its patrons feel like they are in the finest European home, feeling welcomed and pampered in all our senses: sight through its design, taste and smell through its culinary exhilaration, touch through immaculate service and sound through its companionship of an in house DJ providing a subtle, yet energetic sexy beats throughout the dining and lounging experience,” says Timo Kipp, owner. Click here for the menu. [EaterWire]

Villa Mayfair Restaurant & Lounge

2901 Florida Ave., Coconut Grove FL