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Hottest Chef Round Two: Quincoces v. Gripper v. McInnis

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Not all chefs are created equally as seen in our first round of voting. And whether you're an expert at molecular gastronomy or make a mean hard boiled egg, if you're hot, you're hot. And if you're not, well, we can only hope you can cook. But enough about that. Round 2 of the Hottest Chef in Miami competition starts now. We narrowed the list from 18 chefs down to six and over the course of the next two days, we'll take that number down to two.

Today, we pit three against each other: Ana Quincoces, attorney, twice published cookbook author and chef, Joshua Gripper of Gotham Steak, and Jeff McInnis of Gigi. Polls will remain open until about noon on Friday and the winner of this heat will compete against the winner of tomorrow's heat on Monday for the title of hottest chef in Miami. Whoever takes that, will move on to compete against the winners of each Eater city for the national title. And yes, this is a popularity contest, it's not rocket science, so have fun and go vote!

Poll results

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