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Central Beer Garden & Sushi Central Lounge at CocoWalk

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Opening in March on the 4th floor of CocoWalk in Coconut Grove: Central Beer Garden and Sushi Central Lounge, two separate venues that essentially speak for themselves. The beer garden will have over 60 beers on tap and a "creative menu" plus the inevitable flat screen TVs, state of the art sound system and live music. Sushi Central Lounge is located a flight above and features, uh, sushi and, changing things up a bit, a tequila bar. As for the menu, a vague mention in a press release touts, er, "a sushi menu with Latin infused flavors and themes designed by a celebrity sushi [sic] Chef who is responsible for some of New York’s finest sushi restaurants." Now that should give Hooters a run for its mammaries. Stay tuned for more information on that one. [EaterWire]

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