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A Muse Bouche: The Winners of the Lee Schrager Poetry Contest

2008_12_giveaway1.jpgWith enough entries to fill an anthology on the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Lee Schrager, our Breville giveaway extravaganza has come to an end. We've learned a few things from this contest, too, mainly, that a lot of people read Schrager's Tweets, everyone wants to go to the Martha and Emeril event (sorry, folks, we only had 4 tix for that one) and that tickets to the 'fest are way out of the reach of those who have champagne and caviar tastebuds on a Bud(weiser)get. In the words of the great Beastie Boys, it's tricky to rock a rhyme, but the lure of the free food and wine proved greater than that challenge. Click over to see some of our favorites.

Ode to Lee
by Allison Friendly

Oh Lee Brian Schrager,
you sexy young thing.
That heavenly bod masks
your love for cuisine.

I know you love yoga,
it strengthens the core..
all food at the festival's
fat free, im sure.

Your poor puppy charlie
has a less defined palette...
hasta la vista,
your "fav goyard wallet".

What's a girl got to do
for a speed-line ticket?
For your 10 year reunion,
my morals diminish.

I love you Lee Schrager,
you sure know good eats,
so thank you for
filling my belly with treats!

by Hugh "Chef Irie Spice" Sinclair

Always eating munching with glee

Tasting foams and licking gelees

Around the globe he trods afar

Stomach in tow ass perched at the ceviche bar

Schrager eats plenty so deny him no pleasure

When at the Sugarcane pork steam buns might be his treasure.

A Trio of Haikus
by Olee Fowler

Fresh Diet all day.

Been so good, so proud of me.

Shake Shack this evening.


Foodie Holiday!

Non-stop tuffles on their way.

Fab Tuesday for sure.


Oh, my! Unreal.

Lots of George claws, one Lee.

Detox tomorrow.

Congrats to our other winners, whose work inspired more free tickets: Samuel Oropesa, Richard D. D'Arpa, Ken De Loreto, Iris Saleh, JJ Bujalski, Ladyane Lopez,
Keith Harvey, Cathy Sharon, Karen Agami and Vanessa Lane.

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