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Burger Bashery With Spike Mendelsohn and Paul Malvone

Tick tock, tick tock. Time's running out before one chef brings home the Academy Award of hamburgers Thursday night at the sold out Burger Bash. Who will it be? We have no idea but we're sure both Spike Mendelsohn, ex Top Chef/All-Stars contestant and DC chef who swept the 2009 Bash, and Paul Malvone, a BB virgin from Boston Burger Company who was handpicked to compete by Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine, think they know. Both participated in a quickie Q&A about the whole thing.

EaterMiami: Any secrets you can divulge on your Burger Bash strategy this year?
Paul Malvone: It's our first Bash so a lot of praying!!!! We are just going to go down there and give it our best and treat every hamburger we make the same way we do it each day with a lot of love!
Spike Mendelsohn: Yes!! As Jersey Shore would say..." Im going to commit the robbery"

EM: Who are you most wanting to beat?
PM: I watch a lot of Food Network at night so I would have to say Bobby Flay (although that is no short task).
SM: Bobby Flay took the crown in NYC...and left me with mustard and pickles on my coming after him
EM: Who is your biggest competition?
PM: Each chef and restaurant at the bash! Most of them are well trained and have been in the industry for a long time. I look at us as the true underdog come February 24th!
SM:. My biggest competition would have to be myself
EM: If you were to bribe the crowd to vote for you what would you offer in exchange?
PM: Burgers for life!
SM: Hugs and kisses!
EM: If you were to create a Rachael Ray burger, what would be in it?
PM: She seems to like the mixed meat combinations with burgers so I would think a stuffed burger with corned beef, russian dressing, sauerkraut and swiss cheese. Basically a reuben in a burger. It is absolutely delicious!
SM: The Big Bacon Yummo....lotsa bacon, no mayo, cheese, lettuce and pickles and a little evoo.