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Guac Wars on Lincoln Rd.: Lime vs. Rosa Mexicano

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Taking jabs at your neighbors isn't always the best way to welcome a newbie to the 'hood unless jabbed neighbor has a wicked sense of humor, of course. Such was not the case when the street team at Lime decided to hit Lincoln Road Saturday, handing out flyers offering free guacamole while calling out new Road-resident Rosa Mexicano's for being too pricey. What ensued was Rosa CEO Howard Greenstone allegedly having a hissy fit, lashing out at the street team and making it clear he was not amused. Greenstone gave his biz card to one of the Limeys to make sure they knew who they were dealing with.

We contacted Greenstone, who told us "I really won't engage. We are going to focus on taking care of guests at our new restaurant and Lime is free to do as they please." We also talked to Lime CEO/Founder John Kunkel who said "Not sure what to say about the crazy behavior displayed by the CEO of Rosa Mexicano over an ad that was humorous jab at a competitor, except wow! I think I will do what he did not have the self control to do , take the high road. Anyways, it wasn't a dull day." Click here for the flyer that started it all. [EaterWire]

Rosa Mexicano South Beach

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