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Ruth Bourdain, Meet Glee Schrager

When it comes to the fooderati, Lee Schrager knows everyone. But does Lee Schrager know Glee_Schrager, a Twitter parody created in his likeness? Schrager won't say, but despite the mockery of his own Tweets with such lines like "In case u didn't get it the 1st 1000 times I said it - I'm BFFs with [sic] Rachel Ray and all my foodie fab friends are coming for my 10th year!!" and "OMG! Was walking down the street and this restaurant just appeared! It's called Pubbelly & it now exists because I went there! foodie fab!", Schrager is amused. "I'm flattered," says South Beach Wine & Food Festival's grand poobah and frequent Tweeter. "I just wish there was more people following them!" For the record: as of this writing, Schrager had 7,102 followers to Glee's 41. Somehow we think that will soon change. [EaterWire]
stale_diet.pngGlee_Schrager on Twitter
Lee Schrager on Twitter
Lee Schrager on Eater Miami

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