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Vice Lounge Brings Booze & Small Plates to Old Rumi Space

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Telephone: 305-532-2667
Status: Opening Saturday night, Vice Lounge is the latest to take over the space left vacant first by Rumi, then O Asian Grill and then somethings pretty unmemorable that escape our vodka-soda colored memories. Not just a lounge, Vice will feature the usual marked up bottles of booze and creative cocktails as well as a day and evening menu by chef turned Knish King Michael Blum, whose fare isn't your typical cheese and crackers but, rather, things like filet mignon meatballs, Vietnamese pulled chicken salad, applewood bacon cotton candy and the intriguing and scary sounding, trademarked CakeShooters.[EaterWire]

Vice Lounge Evening Menu

Maine Lobster Mac & Four Cheese
fresh chives, bisque

Corned Beef Reuben Spring Rolls
thousand Island, deli mustard, caraway

Applewood Bacon Cotton Candy
sweet, savory, smokey

Kobe Beef Cheese Steak “Six Pack”
caramelized onions

Filet Mignon Meatballs
roasted yellow pepper, marinara, basil-infused sweet ricotta

Vietnamese Pulled Chicken Salad
iceberg, wakame, clear noodles, cilantro, soy

Popcorn Bucket (Choose your topping)
chocolate caramel, white cheddar, coconut curry, dill pickle, beer, kettle corn, barbecue or ginger soy

Fried Truffle Trio
yuca, sweet and idaho potato, shaved parmesan, black sea salt

Potato & Goat Cheese Croquettes
mandarin orange marmalade

Porcini-Dusted Mushroom & White Truffle Risotto Cakes
arugula, lemon, thyme-infused extra virgin olive oil, smoked Applewood sea salt

Vice Lounge

330 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach FL