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Hints & Allegations

9logo.jpgThe Route 9 Miami New Times story gets even stranger today as the article's author Lee Klein emailed us at 1:30 a.m. telling us "I don't know what happened yet -- i didn't even know it wasn't up until i read your email." That, coupled with editor Chuck Strouse's response that the review would be retweaked and reposted due to some "errors," and, well, we're lost. Meanwhile, the last Tweet posted by Route 9 says "In small chance he came, was with a competing new restaurant. Looks like never came." Much ado about nothing or scandal? We're not sure, but as of now, the review still has not been reposted.

We did, however, hear from Route 9 owner Jeremy Goldberg who said, "Anyone who knows us will tell you we are far from drama queens. Paola and I worked our asses off for the past 15 years to get here. There is no way we will sit back while an anonymous writer posts a completely false story based on a dining experience from a hired chef in town. Lee should be ashamed as a writer for his actions. He has been embarrassing restaurants for way too long, and I'm sure we are not the first with major discrepancies. Just the first to figure it out and do something. 3 stars in the Miami Herald on the same day seems quite ironic." To be continued we're sure. Meanwhile, see some of the links below for some interesting connections between Klein and Chef Klime Kovaceski, the person Klein allegedly sent to review the restaurant in his place. [EaterWire]

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