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Raves for Jimmy'z Kitchen in Wynwood; 3 Stars for Cholo's Ceviche & Grill

Lee Klein visits the new Wynwood location of Jimmy'z Kitchen, whose chef/owner Jimmy Carey, he says, is "underappreciated." The ambiance at the new spot is "cheery and sleek," and "resembles a next-generation fast-food chain. But the cuisine here is cooked slow--and with care." Waiting on line may be the only issue here, which, Klein says "does so many things well." In addition to its "gifted chef," "the cooks here are talented." The salsa is "scintillating," the "mound of field greens look irresistable," the bolitas de queso" were "so delectable I resented having to share them." Prices are "more than fair," beverage selections are "extensive," and desserts "ultimately succeeded with pleasing taste, just like everything else at Jimmy'z. This is the sort of place you can hardly wait to recommend to friends." [MNT]

Victoria Pesce Elliott heads to NMB to check out Cholo's Ceviche & Grill, one of her new "favorite Peruvian spots." Prices are "incredibly reasonable all the time, but the lunch specials seem impossible at just $5.50 for the daily offering and two side dishes." A long list of what worked includes "top notch ceviches," "stately causas," "smiling, competent wait staff," "gorgeously scorched leche asada," and "an exquisite bavarois de guindones." Bottom line: 3 stars. []