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Countdown to Eater's Burger Week Starts Now!

Although Miami burger joints are the new sushi/steakhouse/Italian/food trucks, we can't ignore the lure of Americana that has pervaded our culinary arteries. And although next month is the official National Burger Month, we here at Eater are helping to kick things off with our very own, official Burger Week. With the help from our friend the Burger Beast, there will be burgercentric content of course, contests and prizes. Additionally, we'll have a week long poll a la the Eater Miami/Chowfather March Madness to determine, once and for all, the best burger in Miami. That's where you come in. Please, by Sunday at noon, email with your nominations for the best burger in the city so the Eater Burger Task Force can consider them when crafting the final brackets. Want fries with that? Speaking of fries, feel free to chime in on your faves in that department too. Stay tuned and come hungry. [EaterMiami]