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Retweaks, Revamps & Resurrections

1751.jpgApparently Blade Sushi, which used to be located on the pool level of the Fontainebleau, is back, although some of us, ahem, didn't even know it was gone in the first place. This time, however, it's sharing space with the FB's American brasserie with the Spanish name, Vida, which, at the end of this month, will be known as Vida & Blade Sushi. Featuring sushi masters who've trained under the likes of Matsuhisa and Morimoto, Blade--er, Vida & Blade Sushi, will feature, uh, sushi, as well as "modern takes on tartares and carpaccios." Oh, and burgers, salads, and spit roasted entrees, too.The restaurant(s) is/are located on the lobby level and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. [EaterWire]