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Burger & Beer Joint Wins Best Gourmet Burger, But Which Food Truck Serves the Best Burger?

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Like everyone else, we here at Eater Miami are on a quest to find the best burger in the city, a contentious subject that has even the most mild tempered all hot and bothered when you bring the subject up and, gasp, disagree. Yesterday, the voters spoke and chose Burger & Beer Joint as Miami's best place for gourmet burgers. Today we seek out the best food truck burger.

After that's decided, we move on to the best fritas, and then the wild cards, which are either hybrids of the aforementioned, neither here nor there, or just a good burger without a stereotype--er category. Voting will continue for approximately 24 hours.
On Thursday, all winners will compete against each other. The winner of that will go on to the nationals to crown the best burger in America.

This is, indeed, a popularity contest, but please, no sneaky robo-voting. You have better things to do with your time--like eat a burger--than that anyway. May the best burger win!

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