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Guess Where These Burgers Come From, Win Meaty Prizes!

How well do you know Miami's burgers? Take our Burger Master Quiz to find out. Below we’ve chosen pictures of six burgers found across the city. Readers that guess the origin of all six correctly and send in their answers to will win one of the following prizes: One of two boxes of 10 Special Charm City Burger Blend burgers from from the good folks at K&G Brothers Wholesale Meats, 2 tickets to Burger Beast's Burger Brunch at Sakaya Kitchen on Sunday, May 22 or a Pincho Factory Meal for 2 consisting of 2 specialty burgers, 2 orders of large fries, 2 soft drinks and 2 deep fried cheesecakes. If we have more than 4 who answer all correctly, we will choose the winners at random. Deadline is Friday, April 29 5 PM. Answers will be revealed shortly thereafter.

1)1.JPG2)2.JPG 3)3.JPG

4)4.JPG5)5.JPG 6)Six.jpg
[Photos:Burger Beast]