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We Have Winners! Answers to the Burger Identity Contest

1)1.JPG2)2.JPG 3)3.JPG
4)4.JPG5)5.JPG 6)Six.jpg
Whoever has your favorite burger in Miami, one thing's for sure: there sure are some serious slider sleuths in town. Congratulations to our contest winners, you know who you are, and thanks to those who gave it the ol' college try. Thanks to our prize purveyors: K&G Brothers Wholesale Meats, Burger Beast, Sakaya Kitchen and Pincho Factory. In the meantime, let's reveal the burgers' identities. They are: 1) Burger & Beer Joint, 2) 8 Oz. Burger Bar, 3) gastroPod, 4) Michael's Genuine Food & Drink, 5) El Mago de las Fritas and 6) The Filling Station. [EaterWire]

[Photos:Burger Beast]