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Classic French at Lou Lou Petit Bistro; Thali Indian and Thai Fresh, Reliable

Victoria Pesce Elliott reviews Lou Lou Petit Bistro, formerly known as Indochine (same owner). Prices are reasonable, she says, with a "super friendly" wine list. The "long, skinny slice of a dining room has a big personality," and a long list of what worked includes "classic garlicky escargot," "classic creme brulee," "utterly spa like tea service," and many more. What didn't work? "Grisly steak frites," and "unauthentic bread." End result: 2.5 stars. []

Lee Klein checks out Thali Indian and Thai on South Beach, where, "Although the menu is densely populated with items from both namesake countries, most selections are Indian." Roti and naan were "nicely blistered," and "samosas started us off in splendid fashion." Klein and co. also "loved the fried tofu treatment," but the chicken tandoori was "lacking in sizzle and spark." Dosas were saved from dryness by a "spellbinding coconut-chili." Servers are "accommodating" and "well intended." Thai food was pretty good too. Bottom line: "Though Thali's kitchen does not execute either cuisine with great panache, fans of Indian and Thai cooking should enjoy the fresh, reliable renditions and affordable prices — the menu tops out at $15. In other words, enjoy choosing between the two types of foods, but don't be too choosy." [MNT]

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