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Tweaking Out

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gothamlounge.jpegNew at Gotham Steak: The Lounge at Gotham Steak, aka the upstairs dining room, which has been turned into a "chic dining and lounge space with new lighting and a house DJ, who spins eclectic tunes Wednesday through Saturday evenings." Also, a new lounge menu created by Alfred Portale and available exclusively in that space. Said chef de cuisine John Suley, "The Lounge gives our guests more options and the kitchen crew an opportunity get creative, mix things up and profile new menu offerings.”

Chilled Shellfish ($6-$MKT) and Small Plates ($12-$18): Prawns, oysters, Hamachi sashimi , pate de Champagne, spicy lamb sausages, crispy chicken wings, burrata flatbread with oven-roasted tomatoes, and crispy ham & cheese croquettes with Romesco sauce.

Soups/Salads/Appetizers ($14-$19): Maine lobster bisque, chopped salad jumbo lump crab cake with spiced carrot and pickled papaya slaw and wild mushroom risotto.

Burgers, Sandwiches and Main Dishes ($18-$58): Scottish salmon with braised leeks, BBQ Berkshire pork ribs, grilled lamb chops with spiced eggplant bryani, rib eye steak sandwich “Philly style” and "the mother of all grilled cheese sandwiches – grilled & smoked prosciutto and robiola on crunchy rustic peasant bread."


4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33140 877 326 7412