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Christopher Lee: Eden Is Absolutely Not Closing

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Regarding our post about possible trouble at Eden, chef Christopher Lee (via his publicist) had this to say: "First, let me express that Eden is absolutely not closing. We have been and remain commited to providing an exceptional dining experience for our guests. The police presence at the restaurant that was reported online earlier this week stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the restaurant and a vendor, Freshpoint -- a dispute which is currently pending in court.

Freshpoint and their attorney took aggressive and improper action against Eden in this case, and we will defend that stance. We are disappointed in the actions of Freshpoint and their attorney, and will not respond further at this time, preferring to settle the manner in the appropriate channel: the court, where we have a date pending to address this dispute. Eden will continue to be open for business throughout this dispute and beyond, and we look forward to doing what we do best: serving our guests. We thank them for their continued support."

We also received a statement from Eden's attorney, Pedro Menocal, who said "The order obtained by Freshpoint which resulted in a police presence at Eden earlier this week was improperly obtained. Freshpoint is not entitled to any judgement against Eden. The court agreed to this when they ruled in favor of Eden on 4/5/2011, setting aside Freshpoint's judgement. We have asked the court to vacate the improperly obtained order, and we will vigorously pursue sanctions and additional claims against Freshpoint."

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