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Will the Real Falafel Slider Please Stand Up?

Introducing Truck Talk, an insider's look at the fierce world of So Flo food trucks by our new Truck Guy, Daniel Treiman. Treiman, a chef and food writer, is a Florida native who honed his craft in New York City, cooking at Momofuku Ssam Bar, Eleven Madison Park and in the test kitchen at Saveur Magazine.

In the world of restaurants, culinary plagiarism is as common as ants at a picnic. To some, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but many chefs guard their recipes like a UFO at Area 51. So when Gyromaniakz, a local food truck serving up Greek food with a twist, heard a fellow Mediterranean inspired truck would be serving up a falafel slider dish similar to their own, they took to Twitter to call out the second-fiddle falafel.

Local amateur twitterer and food truck fan @miamileslie was bothered by the comment directed at The Red Truck, and voiced her disappointment on Gyromaniakz' feed, which resulted in a heated online exchange. "I don't see a need for them to be nasty to their fellow food trucks," says @miamileslie, "We have 2 grilled cheese trucks that both seem to be pretty darn successful!"

After thinking the situation over, the Gyromaniakz had this to say: "The falafel sliders are a great way to present our falafel. Who cares man, anyone can make a falafel slider. We put a lot of love into ours and make everything from scratch. I haven't had The Red Truck's sliders and I hope they do well with it. We both have a different spin on Greek food, ours is welcomed and liked by our fans. So end of story."

I'm not looking to make any enemies so i won't take sides. Good for Leslie for standing up for what she believes in and, after having the two finalists of the Great Food Truck Race in town this week, we are all reminded that a little healthy competition is part of the restaurant game. So let's put this all behind us and get down to what is really important here: which slider reigns supreme? [EaterWire]