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Eternity Coffee Roasters Micro Roasting Downtown

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Roaster.jpgNow open: Eternity Coffee Roasters, a coffee house and espresso bar owned by San Fran native Chris Johnson and Colombia native Cristina Garces. Both have major caffeine creds: Johnson, a Berkley grad and certified barrista, studied with "coffee guru" Willem Boot, owner of Boot Coffee Consulting in Mill Valley, CA and Garces hails from a family whose farm supplies Eternity with most of their coffee. Together, the duo promises to remain true to the one-cup-at-a-time slow poured coffee at their custom pour-over bar. “We can tell any customer exactly where their cup of coffee was grown, when it was roasted and how it made it into his or her cup. Very few places can say that and I think that our customers will appreciate the transparency and quality of our product,” Garces said. Also there: pastries, teas, juices, free wi-fi, validated parking, and Sunday morning "cuppings," which are coffee versions of wine tastings. [EaterWire]
Eternity Coffee Roasters Website

Eternity Coffee Roasters

117 SE 2nd Ave., Miami FL