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Menu Makeovers

azumi.jpgAzul chef Joel Huff has unveiled a new menu including Silver & Gold Egg with Italian Caviar, Quail Egg cooked at 63 degrees, Caramelized Onions, Potato Espuma and Chive Oil, Toro Blue Fin Tuna with Iberico Ham, Basil Oil, Feta Snow and Ponzu Jelly, Brioche Crusted Yellow Tail Snapper with Cuttlefish, Chorizo Brandade and Squid Ink Charcoal, Sake Marinated Black Cod, Lamb Head to Toe trio includes Lamb Rack, Loin and Meatballs scented with North African Curried Spices and served with three types of purees, and a traditional cheese course. [EaterWire]