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bourdlayover.jpegAnthony Bourdain will be filming his new show, 24-Hour Layovers at 8 p.m. Monday, July 18 at De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean, 101 Ocean Drive. Best of all, you're invited. The restaurant is now accepting reservations for those looking for their 15 seconds of fame or at least to bask in Bourdain's bona fide boldfacery. Call 305-673-3763. Update: That was fast. The shoot has been canceled because, Tweeted Bourdain, "the publicity has made the kind of shoot we wanted impossible." Bourdain later assuaged our guilt, saying, "We try for natural. Not your fault. But the publicity would make it very difficult to shoot." Natural? Wrong city for that. The show will now film at an undisclosed location that we will, of course, try to disclose. [EaterWire]

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