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Ex-De Rodriguez Employees Protest for Back, Overtime Pay

While we don't think this had anything to do with the Bourdain cancellation we caus--er, reported last week (rumor says shoot's now at Pubbelly), a tipster told us that there's trouble in paradise at De Rodriguez Cuba, out front of where former employees were seen protesting Saturday night.

"From a mobile photo a Facebook friend posted: 'Wage Theft on SOBE: Celebrity chef owes his employees more than $18,000. Restaurant Workers seek justice in front of his restaurant, on a busy Saturday night. He doesn't pay his workers for their last month of work. He also violates overtime pay.'"

We contacted a De Rod spokesperson who told us, "Chef Rodriguez is no longer associated with the location in question at the Astor Hotel, but of course feels that all employees should always be compensated for their time." We're not sure Wells Fargo or BOA will be able to cash that one, but, uh, that's the official word. [EaterWire]