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Adventuresome Rioja Grille; Little Lotus, Big Flavor

In her review of MIA DoubleTree Hilton restaurant Rioja Grille, Jodi Mailander Farrell says that "it was a kick to come across [their] thoughtful and adventuresome menu" and "the dinner-only restaurant aims to wow diners with South Florida flavors." Bottom line: 2 1/2 stars. []

Lesley Elliott reviews Little Lotus in downtown Miami, a tiny Japanese place whose "lack of pretension is precisely why [it] delivers such a pleasant shock when it comes to culinary consumption." Chef Atmaja "hails from North Miami's Yakko-San and brings knowledge from that experience to the table." Sushi chef Asalie's "sushi skills were developed while working under one of the greats [Morimoto], and it shows." Bottom line: "From yaki tori to yaki udon, everything is fresh and tasty. We see this little flower blooming big." [MNT]

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