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Food Truck Traffic Report

267267_233599596676383_221679481201728_595627_6657094_n.jpgMerging into the congested So Flo food truck lane: The Cheese Steak Gourmet, offering, says their Facebook page, a "gourmet twist on the classic cheesesteak sandwich." Managing partner and executive chef Timothy Cho,aspires to "provide Miami's gourmands with the Miami Food Truck scene's newest flavors." [EaterWire]

B.E.C. Steak
thinly sliced ribeye // pepper thick-cut bacon // fried egg // american cheese // green leaf lettuce leaf // tomato confit

ChoGo Ssamwich (bulgogi)
korean marinated ribeye // havarti cheese
shredded carrot // green leaf lettuce leaf // spring onion

Hot Stomach
marinated spicy pork belly // mozzarella cheese
green leaf lettuce leaf // spring onion

thinky sliced chicken // provolone + mozzarella cheese
garlicky rapini // roasted peppers // fra diavolo

thinly sliced ribeye // brie cheese // granny smith apples
apple+walnut chutney // spring onion // clover honey

thinly sliced ribeye // crumbled bacon // bleu cheese
roasted pepper // green leaf lettuce leaf // seasonal aioli

The Klassic
thinly sliced ribeye // provolone // onions

Tell Me What You Want
All ingredients are prepared fresh daily
Choose one option from each:

Moo - Oink - Cluck

thinly sliced ribeye // ChoGo marinated ribeye // thinly sliced chicken //thinly sliced pork belly // ChoGo marinated spicy pork belly

Fromage du Jour
including but not limited to

a·mer·i·can [uh-mer-i-kuhn] //bleu [bloo] // brie [bree] // gou·da [gou-duh] // gru·yère [groo-yair] // ha·var·ti [huh-vahr-tee]
moz·za·rel·la [mot-suh-rel-luh] // pro·vo·lo·ne [proh-vuh-loh-nee] // sharp ched·dar [shahrp ched-er] // swiss [swis]

From the Garden

red leaf lettuce leaf // sliced heirloom tomato // tomato confit // shaved red onion // shredded carrot // caramelized onion
caramelized pepper // spring onion // sauteed mushroom // roasted pepper // granny smith apple

Icing on the 'Wich

spicy sauce // korean BBQ sauce // fra diavolo

toasted sesame // chopped spring onion
fried egg
thick slab bacon

Somethin' on the Side

Corn Nuggets
Pickled Cukes
Deep Fried Cukes
Battered Spring Onions
seasonal aioli
Plain Spuds
Disco Spuds
mozzarella cheese // gravy // crumbled bacon

... the Last Course

Daily Bread Pudding